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Building a High
Performance Team

There are seemingly infinite perspectives on High Performance Teams. I have adapted Phil Geldart’s (written in, to emphasise: a United Purpose, Outside-In perspective and Diversity. This reflects well my experience working with high performing teams – and with business owners who want to build from what they have.

  1. Leadership
  2. Unanimous understanding of the Purpose of the business / organisation / team
  3. Proactive, frequent and effective communication with all stakeholders; looking “outside-in”
  4. Clearly defined roles
  5. Shared resources
  6. Consistent, united and enthusiastic effort
  7. Awareness and where appropriate suspension of ego
  8. Diversity

In what areas and what ways does your business reflect these elements? What’s missing?  I continually find opportunities to work with clients to support their journeys towards achieving high performance, providing a fresh outside perspective.

We can offer some really insightful diagnostic tools to help understand the gaps within team performance and how these are perceived and impact relationships with key external stakeholders such as Customers, Suppliers and Investors.

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