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Often seen scenarios

Scenarios I often see across clients’ businesses:

  • SME business owners find that their workloads and pressures grow exponentially as their businesses expand; delegation transcends to frustration because their teams and processes have not kept pace with the evolving needs of the business and its customers
  • Essential Succession planning is neglected – with lack of resources to build a high performance senior team to take the business forward and build value
  • Basic Sales, Business Development and Marketing practices, reporting and accountabilities don’t evolve and fall out of sync with expectations leading to confusion over ownership, performance and a mis-match of expectations
  • As teams grow so do the complexities of on-boarding, role definitions, training and review/reward structures; creating a conflicts and frustrations
  • Attracting really good talent into a SME business is perceived as difficult

My network and I offer business owners’ practical no-nonsense support underpinned by many years of experience and learning. We provide additional capacity for businesses and business owners to deal with these and many other issues; allowing owners to creatively work on their businesses.

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