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Tony Mann and Incresco-Partners

Incresco Partners is a business and network I have created to help my clients achieve their Business and Organisational goals. I have over 20 years International Commercial, Sales, Business Development and Marketing experience spanning large European organisations to SME high growth international businesses and now work with an exciting, growing and diverse client base.

My focus areas are People and Teams within a commercial context. I leverage my extensive network to support clients’ projects providing a wealth of international blue-chip experience across key areas such as: Business Development, Sales Management, Marketing and Brand Development, Culture Change, Team Development, Search and Recruitment, Finance and HR.

What I do:

I help each of my clients to achieve their business and Organisational goals while preserving the vital “secret sauce” and passion which make each business unique and successful. For many family owned / SME operations, the challenges of sustaining growth present a myriad of issues and distractions: building the team, performance management, branding, growing customers, markets, geographies and suppliers – and having the systems, processes and management to make it all work. These can stretch a tightly resourced business’s capability, and challenge the uniqueness that made the business successful in the first place.

I created Incresco Partners to help businesses deal with these challenges, achieve sustainable growth and preserve uniqueness.

  • Board and Senior Level Individual and Team Coaching (Certified International Systemic Team Coach)
  • Support Leadership Teams with strategic direction and practical implementation
  • Helping clients build and sometimes rebuild teams
  • Practical support with sales direction and management
  • Business development support
  • Marketing and branding; building B2B impact
  • Growing an International footprint
  • Supply Chain: Reducing costs and risk.
  • Measuring & Managing performance

My focus is working with SME businesses – in particular family owned organisations where the need for providing a mix of: hands on delivery, trusted advisor and performance accountability is an exciting and challenging dynamic.

I provide practical, experienced and senior level capacity on a flexible basis – giving space for my clients to step away from the daily demands and truly develop their businesses.

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